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The ritualistic practice of sanitization & safe play.

My job as a dominatrix is to create a safe space for you that is discreet, free of judgment & allows the ability to openly communicate your kinks. Your boundaries will always be respected & aftercare is always provided. Peace of mind & knowing that you are safe & your health is considered at every turn will help to optimize the experience with your Domme. Below you will learn the many steps I take to ensure you are well taken care of:


THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in scene play. No consent = no play. On the rare occasion a regular with consistent rapport may want to push their limits with consent, I may allow this because of our long-term bonding & familiarity with each other. However, 99.9% of the time expect me to be strict with consent! Anyone who says consent isn't sexy clearly doesn't understand how hot it can be to tell someone exactly what you want to do to them & how. Sexy is woven into the details of a negotiated scene. Also, I think & hope it is abundantly clear to all why boundaries & consent would be important anytime engaging with another human being but even more so in a bdsm scenario. I cannot stress the importance of subs educating themselves from a variety of sources on kinks. You cannot accurately gauge risk vs reward when consenting to activities if you are not aware of the risks. Be sure to fully understand what you are consenting to before you consent & don't be afraid to ask questions if you need to.




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