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sUB 101

A straightforward guide for newcomers or those looking to improve on how to be the ultimate submissive & how to ensure the best experience.


Its only natural that as a submissive you want to please your Dominant. Having an experienced Dominant partner can really help improve a subs growth. Whether you're just getting started in kink or you're a seasoned vet there will always be room for improvement. I'm going to go over a few key topics regarding actions subs do that from my personal experience as a Dominant I find extra pleasing as well as actions I find displeasing. First off though I'd like to preface that no two Dominants are exactly the same. The topics I am about to discuss are my own personal opinions. This may not be relatable for all Dominants.

LESSON 1 : Initiative - Research - Approach

Take the initiative to learn about the Pro Dominant you wish to serve ahead of approaching. Learn what title they prefer to go by, how they prefer to be contacted & what style of domination they have. You can do this by scrolling through their social media posts, reading specifically about it on their website (like you are now) & purchasing/watching their content. If it says on their website "available from 5pm-10pm" & you contact them asking to meet at 2pm its going to leave a bad taste in their mouth that you didn't pay attention & that they have to now repeat themselves because of it. If a Dominant has specific instruction on how/when to contact or how to screen etc do EXACTLY as instructed no more or no less. Whatever you do, do not assume a title for your Dominant. Not all Dominants like to be called the same thing. For instance, I only go by Mistress & despise when subs call me Goddess or Princess. *Vomits*. It creates a good impression when it is clear to us that you have done your research prior & have approached us properly.

LESSON 2 : Be honest

LESSON 3: Basic etiquette

LESSON 5: Hygiene

LESSON 6: Prep - Its not just for assholes


LESSON 7: Attentive aftercare


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