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  • Do you offer sensual domination, fs, bbbj or gfe/pse services?
    Short answer: No. Its also non negotiable with me. This is not like 50 shades of grey or porn. Its a common misconception that Domination is inherently sexual or requires fs. The dynamic between D&s changes if you have access to a Domme in that way when she becomes too accessible. This is nothing like a gfe/pse. Fs with subs has always been a controversial topic with a 50/50 split amongst the Kink community. I’m not shaming anyone who wants to do fs with their subs however there is many types of D&s dynamics. For me, I don’t believe in fs with subs. A Domme & sub dynamic differs from vanilla in that it is based around "power exchange" not sex. For instance, verbally humiliating a sub is not in any way a sexual act on the surface - yet the sub is intensely sexually stimulated by it as it is a way for them to express their sexual desire for their Domme & the lengths they would go to please, worship & amuse her. Since they are incapable of stimulating her sexually, the only way to offer her something in exchange for the sexual stimulation she can offer him is to offer her both money & their dignity for her amusement. Servitude can be found in acts of literal service such as massage, cleaning, errands etc.. There are many forms of servitude in which a submissive will work toward a reward or favour of his mistress.
  • What are your hard limits?
    I do not offer or allow: Anything involving scat [ex. brown shower], anything involving vomit [ex. roman shower], infantilism/age play [ABDL], anything involving racism or religion, flatulence, cuckold, wrestling, kissing, intercourse or oral.
  • Can I send you a scripted scene?
    Short answer: No. I do not accept a long list of demands or a scripted scene from subs. I am capable of improvising the scene based off of your interests. Scripting a scene creates a mechanical experience. This is not a porno, this is real life. Keep it realistic & trust that I am well experienced enough to create a fun & free flowing experience without adhering to a play by play.
  • Do you accept outfit requests?
    Short answer: I accept outfit requests within reason. If the outfit is for a particular role play that I offer or is in one of my photos then you are welcome to request it. Typically I am most comfortable deciding for myself what I feel most comfortable in wearing that day. I am always dressed to impressed so this shouldn't be of any concern. You are always welcome to sub fund an outfit for me if I do not own what you are looking for.
  • I am interested in pegging. How do I prepare?
    For those interested in pegging, prep is a requirement! PREP 101 1) Using safely fitted plugs to relax the muscle 2) Do not eat a large meal right ahead of a pegging session 3) Enemas or douche ahead of time If you're new to pegging then please do your own research ahead of time or ask me & I will share some brief tutorials. Shit happens, we are all adults but lets avoid messy situations if we can.
  • What is expected from me leading up to a session?
    1) Plan ahead. Meaning plan your travel time so that you can be on time. 2) Make sure to shower ahead or you might be asked to shower upon arrival. 3) Check in the day of or a day ahead to confirm you are still coming. 4) Make sure to ask any necessary questions & communicate all of your expectations ahead of time so that there is no suprises. 5) If your expecting to be pegged, make sure to prep ahead. If you're not sure how, google or ask. Prepping for pegging is a must! 6) Arrive on time or 5 mins or so early. If you are late, it will cut into your time & doesn't set a good impression. If you arrive too early, you will have to wait until at least 5 mins prior to our session.
  • What do I refer to you as?
    Mistress & only Mistress. DO NOT refer to me as anything other than this.
  • I am looking for consensual non consent. Can we not use a safe word?
    Short answer: A safe word is always required. Whilst I always push my consensual non consent subs a bit further than normal, safe words are always required. In order to ask for this type of scene, we would have to have a well established & trusting dynamic. Asking for consensual non consent is not something I partake in with new people.
  • What is your cleaning regime for toys, environment etc?
    Hygiene & safety are a top priority for me. You can expect a thoroughly clean environment every visit. Before any session I always disinfect any & all surface/fixtures. I make sure any & all toys have been soaking in boiling water & washed thoroughly with a disinfectant toy cleaner & a mild soap. Fresh linens are always provided.
  • Do I have to screen? I am worried about my privacy.
    Short answer: Yes. There is no exceptions. My well being is top priority & I do not take risks. If you are not willing to screen, I am not willing to meet you. As for your privacy, I can assure you no matter which option you choose that your private data will remain private. I am a reputable provider with many reviews that can attest to my good nature & professionalism. Having done research on me before hand you would see that you are in good hands.
  • Do you accept other forms of screening? (ex linkedin, health card, student card etc)"
    Short answer: No. I only accept the 2 screening options that are mentioned in my form. These options are: 1) Selfie of yourself holding government ID ex.drivers license or passport 2) Selfie of yourself holding sign with my name & the current date on it
  • I submitted your contact form but have not heard back yet. What should I do?
    Typically it takes me 12-24 hours to respond. If this amount of time has passed & you still have not heard back then there may be one or more reasons why you haven't: 1) Did not provide screening OR screening did not meet all of the requirements listed. 2) Did not provide proper contact info (ex. spelling error for email or incorrect phone number) 3) Did not fill out multiple portions of the form correctly or filled out portions jokingly not seriously. 4) Was lewd or rude When filling out my contact form, please be sure before pressing submit, that there is no spelling errors & all of the information provided meets the requirements listed. Be sure to come across respectful & take the form seriously not jokingly.
  • Do I have to send a deposit? I am worried about my privacy or being scammed.
    Yes. No exceptions. This is a requirement if you are looking to book. If you are not willing to send a deposit then I am not willing to meet you. As for your privacy, I have multiple options that I accept for the deposit. One option, the "pre paid vanilla visa" option which doesn't involve you sending any personal data. As for the fear of this being a scam, please consider that I am a reputable provider with many reviews to attest to my good nature & professionalism. Having done your research on me ahead of time, you will see that you are in good hands.
  • If I need to cancel or reschedule, what happens to my deposit?
    If you need to cancel or reschedule I require minimally 48 hours notice ahead of our planned meet. If you are not able to give 48hrs notice then your deposit will be lost. Last minute cancellations set a bad impression & will likely result in not being able to book me again in the future.
  • Do you only book with male subs?
    No. I book with female & trans subs also. I am not concerned with others gender identity, sexual identity, ethnicity or adult age, I am only interested in your servitude & consent.
  • I am only available in the morning & early afternoon. Can I still see you?
    Short answer: No. I am unavailable in the morning & early afternoon. I am only available Mon-Fri from 5pm-11pm & Sat-Sun from 6pm-12am. I dedicate the first half of each day to cleaning, getting ready, replying to emails as well as other personal errands & activities. This is a strict boundary I set for myself to keep everything running stress free & efficient in my life.
  • I would like to get to know you before I decide to book. How can I do that?
    Respectfully any communication between us should be limited to planning the details of our session. Any social engagements or small talk past that must be compensated. Please respect that I have a personal life outside of being a Pro Domme. If you wish to get to know me a bit better, you can always follow me on twitter @Sadistic_D0ll & engage in my tweets.
  • I am submissive but I do not like pain. Can I still book?
    Short answer: Yes. However, keep in mind that my domination style is extremely sadistic (hence the name) & I am not a soft Domme. That being said, I am quite picky in accepting bookings with subs who are not into pain &/or some form of humilation or degradation. While I do offer other forms of domination that don't include physical pain. Its sort of like saying "I'd like a salad but no lettuce please". You're more than welcome to still book with me so long as you make up for it with enough other interests to fill a session. If you're new & exploring yourself, I encourage you to do some research ahead of time so you can give me a few different interests to go off of. If you are unable to give me an exciting alternative session idea then we may not be a good fit.
  • Do I need to bring a gift or tip?
    While it is typically customary, it is not required. Any gifts or tips are always appreciated & would surely make a good impression. I would suggest against food & drink as a gift unless discussed before hand being that my diet has many restrictions. I would also suggest against scented gifts unless discussed before hand being that my skin is very sensitive. I have provided a few ideas for gifts on my website if you ever need inspiration.
  • I am a bit shy. Can I still book?
    Of course! I have always had the ability to make anyone & everyone feel at ease. If you just require a bit more time to come out of your shell, I will not force you. We can go at your pace.
  • Where are you located & what hours are you available to & from?
    I am located in Etobicoke just off the 427. [Exact address is only given to those who have booked] I am only available: Mon-Fri from 5pm-11pm Sat-Sun from 6pm-12am
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