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I go by Sadistic Doll.
I'm a traveling pro Domme from Toronto. BDSM is a lifestyle for me, one that I have cultivated over many years.

My style of domination is sadistic & entrancing. I'm a natural sadist & authoritarian however I am also naturally seductive & hypnotic. Altogether my energy is the perfect balance of masculine & feminine energies. I take advantage of these most natural traits by luring subs into a euphoric like state to where they will beg to do just about anything that will satisfy & entertain me. 

As a Pro FemDomme, I genuinely love what I do. My practice tends to be very explorative. My aim is always to activate all of the senses by being both psychologically & physically dominating. I love to take my subs on a ride.

I am educated in a wide variety of different kinks/fetish & am always learning & growing in my craft. Being the  sadist I am, my sessions tend to lean on the more intense side & may not be suited for everyone. 

I have an obsession with latex & huge heels. I've curated a plethora of fun toys of all sorts over the years but my personal favourite is my bull whips & dog shock collar.

Will you endure for me?

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“I must say her pictures don't do her justice. When I entered the room I felt like my jaw hit the floor I could not believe how stunning she was from her head to her toes. Don’t be stupid and mistake her as if she is a gentle Domme because she has clearly earned her name Sadistic Doll. She's also super talented with her rope skills and knows how to tie a sub up so they can't escape. Every session she's wearing something different so it keeps it exciting. Even more so knowing I will be stomped on by a pair of her amazing collection of boots! I highly recommend booking Sadistic Doll to anyone whether beginner or more experienced. I'm somewhat of a beginner and she really took her time at first. I couldnt believe how comfortable I felt."
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